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Date : 12/22/2017


The allegations put forth in some media organs in the past few days, titled as “This plan is a massacre plan for the Turkish Soldiers ” does not reflect the reality.


Some groundless allegations were involved in the mentioned news concerning  the low blast effect of General Purpose Bombs which were purchased abroad and  included in the inventory of the Air Forces Command.


Concerning the ammunition stated in the news, the firing results were monitored by using the ammunition in large amounts in the scope of TMH and Operation Euphrates Shield since 24 July 2015 and no negative case has been observed.


Furthermore,  “Blast Pressure Measurement” tests were conducted on the sampled selected 41 each ammunition for the purpose of comparing the blast pressure values of General Purpose Bombs, with U.S and other countries origin by TÜBİTAK SAGE,  covered in the inventory of the Air Forces Command.


As a result, no scientific and observational data was found concerning the said low blast effect of the  ammunition included in the inventory , and the ammunition is being used effectively under  all operational circumstances.


     Respectfully announced to the public


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